A Tourist Resort in Progress
Photo courtesy of Gino and Ester Valceschini
Situated approximately a kilometer away from the town proper of San Julian, Eastern Samar is the Liliputan Beach Resort with its shorelines like outstreched arms welcoming the beach goers and sea lovers. As history unfolds, it was formerly known as "Rocky Beach" because of its rocky formation, which until the present time, have been preserved by the architects and engineers who designed the resort. The big boulders of rocks are still in their original structures but have been made safe for the passers-by and beach goers.

The main attraction of this resort is the natural rock formation, designed by mother nature as God-given gift to this place millions of years ago. Boulders on the left and right side of this place add natural beauty of the resort. The narrow path that leads to the cottages went through another rock formation thus forming an arch that looks like a cave. Passing by the dim arch is the magnificent sight of the sea. Farther across the sea is the Pacific Ocean. The waves from this ocean reach San Julian Sea and crush to the natural water break about a hundred fifty or more meters away from the shore. Everytime a wave hits and crashes to the water break, it gives off a rhythmic sound which is music to the residents along the sea.

Presently, with the aid given by Nikky Coseting to the municipality of San Julian, Liliputan Beach has been developed and turned into a tourist attraction. With the imaginative creation of the planning architects and engineers, this place is now a wonderful place for tourists.

A top flat portion of big rocks are kiosks of varying sizes and concrete seats and tables designed to accomodate big and small groups alike. There are newly built cottages or kiosks constructed on top of the rocks which enable tourists to have a clear view of the cool waters below. There are also cottages or kiosks built by the seaside. Then cottages of varied designs and structures are concrete and painted making them a good place for relaxation after a week's work.

In some cottages, the sea water enclosed by the natural water break is deep and in some parts it is shallow and good for swimming. The water is cool, so inviting for anybody to try a dip in this sort of lagoon. Fish of different kinds can be seen swimming all around the natural pool. The administrator or management of this resort put up buoys all over the place to warn fishermen that fishing is prohibited.

One important lesson taught in this lovely place is people's willingness to preserve nature. The rock formations that were designed naturally by the action of the weather elements such as rain, heat and wind were fantastic and really wonderful. They are god-given gifts to future generations.

As one would stand on the rocks, he could extend his gaze as far as his eyes could reach, to the point where the sea meets the sky. The place is such a serene and a very lovely one where everyone could unwind and be free from all the world's worries and heartaches. For what could be more lovely than the sea's cool waters against a background of coolgreen scenery of verdant hills teeming with huge sturdy trees, coconut trees, mangroves and century plants.

Liliputan Beach Resort really is a great sight to behold, one of the rarest kind, locally and even internationally to which we, the tourists, can say, "words are insufficient to 'paint' the beauty of the place."

It is not surprising, therefore, that Liliputan Rocky Beach Resort won first prize in the Healthy Beach Compitition, Regional Level in the year 1997.

However, the scenes and views at Liliputan Beach Resort are only portions of the total tourist development. A year or two from now, it would even look lovelier. It will demand a second visit.

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Liliputan, literally mean where one turns around a point, from the root word "liput" meaning to turn around a point. This word can also mean like a shortcut.