Local Folklore
There were the days when we were younger and we sit by a tree, an easy and convenient shelter from the blustery heat of the sun. After a few minutes of rest, a weary body can only succomb to the temptation of a comfortable sleep. Aah, sleep! Not that it is unwanted but the consequencies are beyond the human. Too many what ifs. What if someone unseen comes and play with my mortal self? What if a witch passes by and take possession of my soul? No. Sleep will not be an easy choice to rest a body.

Those days!

These days, those kind of thinking are gone. Funny but if one thinks about it, technology was the culprit. There were the stories our elders told us, of an enchanted kingdom full of beautiful people singing beautiful songs and dancing to heavenly music. There were the days when we go near their enchanted places and can borrow their beautiful dishes and silverware when somebody in ones family is getting married or something. You don't see them but at the appointed time, your request is there. Beware though, one broken dish or lost silverware will cost oneself an unending suffering.

Then, there was the art of storytelling. How people can weave mysteries, compose funny but entertaining narratives, even the straight lies that are designed to make one twitch in hearty laughter.

The fifties, we were awed by the wonders of the radio. It seemed that everyone wanted one not only for the music it broadcasts but the events unfolding  right there where you sit. Add to it the soap operas giving you company while doing your chores.

Eastern Samar was slow with the next technology that invaded us. The eighties was the onset of the cable television. It made us go farther from those oral traditions. They slowly faded from our midst. The television captured us body and soul!

Here, this is a one person's attempt to preserve that tradition.

There are people out there who still recount those stories. There are people out there with the past still imbedded in their minds. One culture couldn't be complete without the knowledge that we left way behind our oral heritege. If anybody wants to share those stories and traditions, this site is open to listen so we all can share what our elders told us.
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